Five days a week, I help with furnace repairs

I moved back condo a couple of years ago, after our guy & I broke up, every one of us were together for 5 years living in an apartment.

  • Every one of us were sharing our expenses & our life until he decided to end the relationship; I thought he was seeing someone else, although he promised that the problems in our relationship had nothing to do with another guy.

I could not say anything at all to refute what our guy was saying. I knew the relationship was over 6 weeks ago. I just did not want to be the man to end things, and when I left our guy, I moved back condo to Glenview IL to live with our parents. I did not have a lot of money in our savings account & I needed to get back on our feet… My mom & Mom were super gracious & kind, then they were glad to have me back condo for a couple of weeks. My Mom provided me a job at the furnace repair business. My Mom has been laboring for the Glenview furnace repair business for 25 years, then he pretty much runs things now & does not have to take any maintenance calls. My Mom provided me a job helping out in the shop. I do not help with furnace repairs, because I am not a certified specialist. I help out in the shop & make sure that all of the specialists have the items they need to complete the work on their schedule. I do not mind helping our Mom out right now & it’s nice to have a regular yearly paycheck.


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