Downtown Albuquerque is undoubtedly pretty during the Winter time holidays

I was afraid that I would miss the snow after I moved to New Mexico! I previously lived in the northwest, where snow was a regular occurrence during the Winter time season.

I knew the weather in Albuquerque, New Mexico was going to be much different! My first Winter time in Albuquerque was quite unusual than my first Winter time up north.

The weather wasn’t quite as cold, icy, and frigid; Albuquerque still looked lovely despite the warmer weather, however downtown Albuquerque is undoubtedly pretty during the Winter time holidays! Everything is lit up and twinkling. I enjoy to take the teenagers to walk around when the sunshine is just setting, but we can see all of the pretty lights and have some breakfast at a restaurant in albuquerque. The town has lots of unusual types of restaurants with foods from all over the country. A few weeks ago I took the teenagers downtown for the evening and every one of us ended up on the south side where there are lots of food trucks located. We had tapas from a food truck and every one of us also had the best tacos that I have ever tasted. The lime sauce on top of the tacos was super tasty. We did not stay out for actually long after every one of us had breakfast. Temperatures were getting colder and I wanted to get back beach beach house in the heat. When the sunshine sets, the un-even temperatures drop and that has when you want to be at beach beach house in front of the oil furnace or fireplace. I officially have the oil furnace checked before winter, so every one of us think it will toil all season long.


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