Christmas in St. Petersburg doesn't feel right

It hit me suddenly that we would not have any snow on Christmas Day

My boyfriend and I moved to Florida, because he was stationed there for the military. I certainly didn’t want to move to Florida. I knew it was going to be extremely hot and humid. Some friends of mine move to Florida after high school and they always complain about the Heat and the temperatures. When my boyfriend said we were moving to St Petersburg, I was less than enthusiastic about the plan. I thought about ditching my boyfriend completely, but he was just too cute. My guy promised that I wouldn’t be hot or uncomfortable during summer, even if you had to purchase a second or third air conditioner to put in our home. I honestly thought the summer season would be my worst problem in St Petersburg, but Christmas doesn’t feel right at all. Winter doesn’t seem the same without snow and cold weather. I was getting ready for Christmas and I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top to go shopping. It hit me suddenly that we would not have any snow on Christmas Day. As soon as my boyfriend finished both of his years in the Tampa Bay location, we immediately left and went back to our home state of Connecticut. I certainly enjoyed being able to explore all of the Gulf Coast and all of the wonderful places that Tampa Bay can offer, but I jumped at the chance to go back home. I prefer cold weather during the winter months and Christmas and I equally prefer warm weather during the summer months.

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