Cheap weed and high cost of living

I decided to move to the West Coast for cheap marijana, I didn’t know the cost of living was so high.

I looked at online prices for marijuana.

They were half the price. Plus, there were so many options. They offer homegrown loose flower of all strains. There’s an incredible array of concentrates and edibles. Some of the dispensaries include an in-house bakery where they make the edibles from scratch. They offer cookies, chocolates and all sorts of treats. Plus they feature vape lounges and dab bars. I wanted to access all of that. It made my decision to move really easy. I have a cousin who lives in San Francisco. That connection made the plan a little less stressful. My cousin offered me a room at her house until I got on my feet. I was under the impression she meant a few weeks. She asked when I planned to leave after a couple of days. I was in a rush to find cheap housing in San Francisco. I learned that’s not really possible. I could barely scratch together more than a couple hundred dollars. I found an ad on craigslist for a place. It was listed by a guy who needed someone to care for his elederly mother during the day. The position included free housing. I took the job immediately. It’s wonderful. I live a few blocks away from a cannabis dispensary where I work on weekends. I now live in a really nice neighborhood. I can use the pool, hot tub and the patio. I could never afford something that luxurious in San Francisco on my own. The job is perfect for this time in my life. I know my cousin is jealous.



Medical Cannabis San Fransisco California