California state of mind

It’s absolutely strenuous to live right in the heart of the town of San Francisco… The prices on everything are outrageously High.

The food is about 15% higher than the rest of the state.

Taxes are higher locally plus there is a premium price tag on nearly everything. That would include recreational marijuana, and recreational marijuana is simple to find in San Francisco. There are several strange marijuana dispensaries in the area, however each 1 of these dispensaries are set up to cater to tourists. The prices on the marijuana products are a little higher plus the selection is not as good. Tourists won’t complain about paying 10% more for marijuana products, and most of the people coming to the town have never even been in a state that has legal recreational marijuana products. They have no idea how much things are supposed to cost. I think that is 1 nice thing about tourism, however it absolutely makes things tough for locals. My friends plus I never buy marijuana supplies in San Francisco. The two of us constantly drive anywhere else. If the two of us travel about 20 or 30 miles east, the two of us can absolutely save a bunch of money by searching around for the best price plus the best sales. There are sales on marijuana products every single day of the week! You have to think where to look in order to save the most amount of money! For instance, there is a dispensary on the east side of city that has BOGO sales on concentrates every Monday. They also have representatives in the store on those afternoons from several strange companies. That is the perfect day to get the best deal on cannabis concentrates in the Bay Area.



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