Buying marijuana is now care about buying a bottle of booze.

Several years ago, the town of Los Angeles, CA legalized the use of recreational marijuana; Having legal recreational marijuana, took the fun out of using it for some of us! When all of us had to stick around plus pay someone to go into a wine plus spirits store to purchase a bottle of wine or other alcohol for us, it was exciting, and sneaking around to find a street marijuana seller, sent a throw up his spine.

Just cutting a law plus getting away with it, was more exciting than being on the largest roller coaster.

We never heard anyone, plus never planned on hurting anyone, but all of us loved that little bit of high that all of us got from the booze plus marijuana. My friends plus I are now in his 20s, plus it is legal for us to buy both booze plus marijuana, and the town of Los Angeles, CA made it easier for us to obtain recreational marijuana, plus that took away the excitement of using it, and buying marijuana is now care about buying a bottle of booze. There are times when all of us want to have a get-together plus relax, plus all of us will go into the wine plus spirits store, or go into the local marijuana dispensary, but it’s just not the same! I don’t guess if it was because all of us were under age plus wild, but being over 21 plus able to just walk into the dispensary or wine store, is care about going into a grocery store. We love the freedom that all of us have in Los Angeles, CA, but that freedom was more fun when it was just mildly against the law.


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