We want to visit each other

I have a buddy that lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • The two of us actually found each other since we write and self publish online.

Her and I ended up reading each other’s books and started messaging back and forth. The two of us live on opposite ends of the country so it is cool how different our lives are. I talk about the snow and cold while she talks about the heat. I mention the intense sports fans of our area while she talks about history buffs. After hearing about Albuquerque, New Mexico, I do want to go there one day. It would be cool to visit her and also to see some of the things she is talking about. She has mentioned eating establishments with homemade baked goods, local artists painting on the streets and the shopping hub of the old town. I suppose for a long weekend it could be a great trip. I especially want to go there for all the crafts too; My pen pal makes jewelry. She uses metals, stones and hand creates all of her pieces. I have looked at her website and bought a necklace, bracelet and earrings before. I entirely would love to see her store and look at her pieces in person. When I can, I try to ship her the freshly grown grapes and a bottle of our family’s homemade booze to her. It is something neat to our area as well. I believe she has talked about visiting me up north. I hope I see her first however. I suppose our section will be a letdown after her residing in New Mexico her whole life.


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A woman oriented trip to New Mexico

My gals and I go on a trip every year… The group of us regularly go into a major village to shop, eat and just hang around.

  • Some years the group of us do more of a beach trip and other years it is more of a village exploring trip.

This year a group of us are planning to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico; Why did the group of us land on this spot? Honestly it is fun traveling to a new state every year! I want to eventually travel to all the 50 states, but Albuquerque looked entirely fun as well and different. There aren’t high end shops or beaches there, however lots of other things. I found a hotel that is pretty, high end with a rooftop bar that overlooks the city. There also is a nice spa where the gals and I can spend a day there. The little eating establishments, wineries and bars were all certain too. I also liked the method of going to Old Town. Old Town is the main shopping hub in New Mexico; You can find arts, crafts, clothing, jewelry and all sorts of locales to eat, then nah, I am not going to find a Prada scarf or a Louis Vuitton bag, but I will find something homemade and cool. This trip won’t be as costly as ones in the past but I suppose it will be as fun. I have a buddy that is a real history buff too and I believe she is gleeful to pop into some of the museums… For me I just want to do a little shopping, eat some great food and get pampered at the spa. I suppose it will be a relaxing trip for the gals and I.



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Taking the fam for a bike ride was a lot of fun

Mike in addition to I had a charming time in California, in addition to San Francisco will always be a spot that is near in addition to dear to our heart

This year for the Gay Pride fest, my husband Mike in addition to I decided to take our numerous children to San Francisco, California. Mike in addition to I have neither been to California in addition to it would be the 1st time that our children crossed the border as well. The two of us have been living in southern Nevada for a very long time. Nevada in addition to California both have legal recreational marijuana use. Washington, Oregon, in addition to California all have legal recreational marijuana in addition to they hug the west coast. I knew it would be fun to visit California during Gay pride week. Mike in addition to I spent a fortune for our hotel accommodations, so we tried to arrange a few outdoor activities that would not cost a lot of money. Mike in addition to I took the youngsters on a bike ride that was a lot of fun. The two of us rented a few e-bikes in addition to rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. The two of us could see a variety of great attractions from the Golden Gate Bridge, including the town of Chester, a steamboat that had sank under the bridge back in 1890. Mike loved seeing Alcatraz Island from the bridge as well. Our bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge was enjoyable, even though it was windy in addition to a little freezing that day. Mike in addition to I had a charming time in California, in addition to San Francisco will always be a spot that is near in addition to dear to our heart. I hope we can visit San Francisco next year to celebrate gay pride again. Our family loved all of the events in addition to the gay pride festival was a charming sight. It was amazing to see all of those proud Californian citizens.
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There are lots of great, free activities for youngsters in San Francisco

My kids, my wife Bess in addition to myself live in California, about 90 thirds away from San Francisco.

When Bess wants to take the youngsters for a fun outing, sometimes we travel to the Bay Area.

There are so many free fun activities in San Francisco that we can adore with our children. Some blocks away from the Fisherman’s Wharf, sits Ghirardelli Square. Ghirardelli chocolate gives out a tasty free sample of chocolate to every visitor. There is also a fortunate cookie factory in Chinatown. The fortunate cookie factory gives all visitors a guided Free tour in addition to receiving a free fortune cookie when the tour is over. There is an area called the Bison Paddock which is located near Golden Gate Park. The park has been lake condo to bison since the 18tyh century. Sadly, the threatened species is no longer free to roam the lands of California. The Bison Paddock is a fun locale to spend an hour or numerous in addition to learn about creatures in addition to science. There are also a lot of simply beautiful playgrounds located in the San Francisco area, including Michelangelo playground, the Joe DiMaggio playground, in addition to the Washington Square playground. There are a number of free museums that have tours as well. Some more kid-friendly museums include the California Academy of Sciences, the cable automobile museum, in addition to the amazing Exploratorium. Even the Walt Disney Family Museum is a fun locale to take the youngsters. Bess in addition to I can stop at a pot shop on the way to the destination. The dispensary has many marijuana supplies that can be eaten, so they have no aroma. Bess in addition to I adore cannabis edibles whenever we take the youngsters on a day outing. Cannabis helps Bess relax in addition to adore the time with the youngsters.


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Hunting for some outdoor activities in San Francisco

There are always a lot of fun outdoor activities in San Francisco in addition to the surrounding region.

If you ever have a whole day in addition to a couple of bucks to spare, I highly advise seeing the Muir Woods in Sausalito tour! Fish store takes visitors from downtown San Francisco to a few of Marin counties best attractions; You have time to explore both Muir Woods in addition to Sausalito.

The ticket is around eighty bucks per person, but you also get a ride in an air-conditioned vehicle in addition to receiving a tour while riding across Golden Gate Bridge. Muir Woods is a single of my number one fave locales to visit. My husbandy in addition to I always visit Muir Woods when we take an annual trip to San Francisco, California. The two of us have been visiting San Francisco each year since we were a couple. My husbandy in addition to I adore going in June, when the Gay Pride Fest is celebrated. The two of us care about going to California, because of the very lenient recreational marijuana laws, recreational marijuana has been legal in California for some years. It has been decriminalized in numerous of the major cities. Recreational marijuana use has more than doubled in the past five years in addition to there are a number of legalized marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco in addition to the surrounding area. My husband Mike in addition to I usually go to a marijuana dispensary before we visit Muir Woods. It’s so delightful to visit the woods in addition to see all of the protected redwoods. If Mike in addition to I ever get married, I would care about to tie the knot somewhere in this natural, protected environment. I think we would have the most amazing in addition to beautiful ceremonial photos.


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Living vegan is straight-forward in California

Golden Era Vegan is really my number one locale to eat.

Before I moved to San Francisco, California, I had an absolutely terrible time finding a wonderful vegan restaurant. I came from a rural locale where farming is a way of life. Most people would raise cattle, pigs, chickens, or crops. I never thought that it was right to kill any creature if it wasn’t necessary. The family had plenty of meat in the freezer, but my father still butchered additional cattle. When I was seasoned enough to make my own dietary choices, I decided to become vegan, but living vegan is more than just a diet. It is also a lifestyle. There are so numerous foods that have traces of dairy products in addition to I don’t eat any of them. Most of the time I eat freshly picked fruits in addition to vegetables. There are a few occasions when I sprinkle in faux-meat products. Until I moved to San Francisco, California, my vegan chances were limited. One of my number one fave vegan Restaurants is right down the street from my number one cannabis dispensary. One of the main reasons I moved to California is because of the legal recreational marijuana laws. Some of my good friends got busted for smoking marijuana in addition to I didn’t want to end up in jail over a couple of little joints. As soon as I found a task in San Francisco, I packed up my truck in addition to moved here. Golden Era Vegan is really my number one locale to eat. It is close to the Golden Gate Park. Golden Era Vegan is an Asian restaurant with delicious food. They have very flavorful in addition to delicious dishes that include fake chicken in addition to fake beef. I usually try to order takeout since the religious think inside can be a tad bit overwhelming.

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Going to a fisherman’s wharf was a wonderful idea

The two of us also stopped by Brick in addition to Beam on North Point Street

One of the main reasons that my friends in addition to I decided to take a trip to California was due to the legal use of cannabis. California has legalized cannabis for both recreational use in addition to medical purposes. All of the other numerous states on the western seaboard also have legal recreational use in addition to medical marijuana. I wish we lived in a legal state, but medical marijuana has now been made legal in 2021. My friends in addition to I decided to go to California for a few days. After we narrowed down our chances to San Diego, San Francisco, or Bakersfield, we ultimately decided on San Francisco because of its rich gay in addition to lesbian history. My friends in addition to myself identify as LGBTQ individuals. The two of us have no nightlife or history in our sleepy little town. In fact, we live in a region that is mostly republucain with bible belt values. San Francisco, California seemed to be the perfect locale for us to pay a visit. The two of us found a sufficient hotel room close to the bridge. Since the whole gang of us were cutting the price, it wasn’t more than $75 each. The two of us absolutely loved the wild nightlife at Fisherman’s Wharf. The two of us went to a odd bar every single night. The two of us also visited the Hard Rock Cafe on Pier 39. The two of us visited The Buena Vista on Hyde Street. The two of us also stopped by Brick in addition to Beam on North Point Street. The two of us had some amazing adventures that week, in addition to we got to adore recreational cannabis the whole time. The two of us paid a high price for the pre rolls, but we had numerous odd cannabis stores in the region in addition to most of them had a first time patient special.
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I recommended to my husband last Wednesday night

There are plenty of amazing locales to walk around and see in San Francisco.

One of my number one faves to walk is the Golden Gate Park! Golden Gate Park has over 1,000 Acres full of lakes, gardens, rivers, in addition to activities.

One of my number one points of interest is the California Academy of Sciences. It is also a single of my husband Mike’s totally number one fave locales to visit. The pair us went numerous times when we first started dating. It was straight-forward to talk when we walked around in addition to viewed the exhibits. When I wanted to propose, I decided to take Mike to the California Academy of Sciences. The two of us went on a nightlife tour in addition to I recommended me marry right in front of the shark exhibit. I went to a cannabis dispensary the night before I planned the surprise. I bought Mike a bin of cannabis edibles from a dispensary close to my lake house in San Francisco. I put the engagement ring in the bin of edible cannabis treats. When I offered Mike the bin of edibles, he reached inside in addition to was surprised to find the ring. Mike instantly said yes in addition to we spent the rest of our time in the observatory staring at the stars. Visiting Golden Gate park to request was a single of the best ideas that I have had, after deciding to request a wedding to this charming guy of course. I could have picked any number of destinations within the park care about Lovers Lane or the Presidio, but because Mike loves the math academy so much, I knew it would be the perfect destination.

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The inner richmond area is the locale for me to live

The inner Richmond area is an old area of the San Francisco Bay area where you can still find nice apartments for low rental rates.

  • The district spans the entire length of the Golden Gate Park.

This park encompasses more than 50 town blocks. In the inner Richmond area, you will find the Conservatory of Flowers, the Japanese tea garden, in addition to the famous California Academy of Science. I decided I wanted to move to the inner Richmond area, because it is close to Golden Gate Park. When I was just a little kid, my parents took me to Golden Gate Park every weekend. I had a ton of good memories in that park in addition to I wanted a view of the area from my front window. I had to spend my savings a steep price for rent, because I wanted to be this close to the bridge. Still, the inner Richmond area is a single of the nicest locales to reside in San Francisco. My lake house has numerous kitchens in addition to a single bathroom. I use a single 1 of the kitchens as a studio for my artwork. I sold a couple of paintings to a local art gallery up on 19th Street. I’m hopeful that a single day I will be able to work full-time as an artist, instead of spending my days undoubtedly working in a cannabis dispensary. Cannabis is legalized in California in addition to San Fran has a sizable concentration of pot smokers. This cannabis dispensary is a fun in addition to exciting task, in addition to I earn a wonderful wage. That said, I would much rather be able to paint in addition to draw all day instead of dealing with cannabis dispensary stoners.

I wore my gay pride colors all over the bay area

My husband Max in addition to I went to the San Francisco Pride Parade last Thursday.

The route took us all around the San Francisco market area. Max and I went from Store Street all the way to 8th Street. The parade displayed hundreds of groups in addition to LGBT rights organizations. The parade lasted roughly 4 hours, then hundreds of thousands of people lined up along Market Street. In fact, there were people waiting for the parade at 5 in the morning. My husband Max in addition to I found a good spot on the curb with a wonderful view of the street. I wore a shirt flying the gay pride colors. The rainbow shirt blended in well with all of the lgbtq colors in addition to flags. I proudly wore my San Francisco Pride t-shirt all over the Bay Area. Even after the parade was over, I loved to feature my rainbow color. In the early hours of the night, Max in addition to I decided to visit a cannabis shop. Cannabis is legal in California in addition to San Francisco has dozens of odd cannabis shops. Max in addition to I don’t properly use marijuana in addition to cannabis products, but this was a special opportunity in addition to the numerous of us thought it would be fun. Max found a couple of odd cannabis shops. One of them had a 25% off special for first-time patients. Max in addition to I shopped at the cannabis dispensary. When Max and I were checking out, the bartender offered us an extra 10% off our order, since Max was wearing his San Francisco gay pride t-shirt. Apparently this particular dispensary was proudly owned by an LGBT supporter.

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