Husband loved the rooftop bar and lounge

I travel a lot for work and my husband comes with me.

He has a job that is totally online based.

It isn’t a problem to pack up a computer and work in a hotel room. I just make sure to get a big hotel with a business center. I also try to get a nicer place in a bustling district. That way if my husband finishes work, he has something else to do. Recently my work took me to New Mexico, especially Albuquerque. I started looking around at hotels and found a boutique hotel with a 1920s flair. It has a prohibition theme and all time drinks. The best is the rooftop bar and lounge though. You can go up super high and drink while overlooking the city. At night the lights along the bar really provide an excellent view. I knew that every evening my husband would want to have a drink on the rooftop and enjoy the night air while overlooking the city. The actual hotel room was extremely neat with the old time theme and the beds were quite comfortable. It also was in a central location to a lot of different restaurants, bars and cannabis dispensaries. My husband and I aren’t big smokers but it was nice having the option. Our state doesn’t have cannabis shops on every corner. Being near one made it easy to just have an edible at the end of the day to wind down. We really loved visiting that location. It proved to be very relaxing but also fun.



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Honeymooning in Albuquerque?

My fiance and I are looking for a honeymoon destination.

With COVID still being a problem it makes things tough.

At first we wanted to go to Norway and spend two weeks hiking, kayaking and seeing the fjords. With that part of the world shut down we looked around at Europe. The travel restrictions are so tight that it doesn’t look possible for us. Now I am looking for something within the United States that would work as a honeymoon destination. I haven’t done a lot of regional traveling, so I am clueless on all the different states and what they have to offer. I did find that Albuquerque, New Mexico has quite a lot to offer. I found a lot of different resorts that have spas and rooms that look over wide sweeping landscapes. I like the idea of getting pampered on our honeymoon and just looking at the beautiful land around us. There is also a place called Old Town that seems to have a lot of tours, shops and other things to do. Of course there are the typical science museums, bars and nightlife. Another thing that really is drawing me towards New Mexico is that there are legal cannabis dispensaries there. I think it might be fun to try some edibles or smoke cannabis oil on our honeymoon. My fiance and I have never smoked before because our state is so strict. It could be a fun, wild thing that we do on our honeymoon. A little weed and relaxation sounds just like the perfect recipe for romance.


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Lots of things for me to do in New Mexico

Every year my friends and I do a boys trip.

The group of us try to change where we go and not go too far from home.

Since all of us are married and have kids, the group of us don’t want to do the big party scene and nightlife anymore. The boy’s trip still needs to be fun however. This year the group of us are going to Albuquerque, New Mexico and I suppose it will be a relaxing time. One thing the village has to offer is golf. There is Twin Warriors Golf Club and Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club. Those more than one place are considered the best however Albuquerque has over 14 courses to choose from. With the local weather regularly being temperate too, there isn’t a worry over cold and rain making it horrible. Another perk of Albuquerque is that cannabis is legal too. The guys and I live in a state where you can only get medical marijuana if you fill out the papers and spend money. The men have all talked about how cool it will be to just walk into a dispensary and pick up some legal weed. I do suppose one night the group of us will all get super baked on cannabis flower, oil and edibles. That will be our wild night that the group of us don’t tell the wives about. Another fun thing is that Albuquerque does have a lot of neat eating establishments and biking routes too. There just seems to be a lot to do that is fun however relaxing. It will be neat trying the Mexican food and local dishes. I really love spicy food too.

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Honeymoon turned out okay

I got hitched right in the height of coronavirus and had to book a trip.

I wanted to go overseas to a European spot. Those locales did not allow travelers from the United States. If the country did, all the testing and paper requirements were certainly spine-chilling. The last thing I wanted to do was worry about getting a negative COVID test and possibly not be allowed to come home. My fiance and I then came to the horrible conclusion that the two of us had to do a local honeymoon spot. At first I wasn’t even gleeful to start researching honeymoon locations. Then I abruptly noticed that you can have a great honeymoon within the United States. I actually booked us for almost a week in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was concerned that the two of us would run out of things to do. After a bit of hunting around, I found that is not possible. I even had us switch hotels mid trip because even the locales to stay were cool. There is a hotel with a rooftop bar that sees the city. There is one that is a high end resort with a giant spa. The one hotel I ended up booking had live music Monday through Friday. They either had jazz or latin music playing right in our lobby. It was entirely fun getting a glass of wine and listening. Another fun thing the two of us did was visit the cannabis shops that were right in town. The two of us could get a spa treatment and then pick up some legal pot. It was a very fun trip after all.

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Lots of theaters to choose from

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and everyone don’t know much about our area.

They think warm weather and Mexican food most likely.

While that is okay, there is so much more our state and village have to offer; Have you ever looked at the biking and hiking routes Albuquerque has to show? It is certainly easy to have an athletic trip by going here. There is also an Old Town showing off local arts and crafts. There are museums, ghost tours and ABQ BioPark. Another thing to do in Albuquerque, New Mexico is experience movie theaters at its best. There is KiMo theater that is a historic place that caters to local and national acts. You can see music groups, big concerts, speakers and even watch films in this neat little theater. There is the Albuquerque Theater Guild that spans almost 30 unusual theaters like Albuquerque Little Theater, Tricklock Company and Musical Theater Southwest. They all offer unusual experiences in very different sites, then do you just want to have a bowl of popcorn sprinkled in red chili powder? There is a theater called Guild Cinema that offers showings of national and local independent films. It is a very cool theater and you see some unique films. Another perk to our section is that there are legal cannabis dispensaries too. Not every state can boost having legal weed shops on the corner. You can pull some cannabis oil, flowers or an edible without having a medical marijuana card. It is pretty sweet, not going to lie. Who would not want to come to our place?

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You can take the kids to Albuquerque

Every year I try to take the kids on a trip. I suppose it is a great method to show the adolescents other locations than where the two of us live. I also want them to get to know other parts of the country. It is scary to me when someone can’t name all 50 states. The four of us live in this country and yet don’t believe it. It is our goal that our kids will be correct with each area. I also love the method of them coming back to university in the fall and being able to share that they have gone to locations. I am not rolling in money though and I have 3 kids that I pack up. I have to be careful and pick cities that aren’t too costly. I also need to pick a village that caters to kids. What is the point of taking them to a village with nightlife and big bars? The most recent trip I chose was one of the better ones. I decided to take the kids to New Mexico for a week this summer. The four of us went to Albuquerque and just loved it. I took the kids to ABQ BioPark. The children liked going to the local zoo there and seeing all the animals the best probably. There was also a botanical garden, aquarium and Tingly beach too. That took just about the entire trip. I did demand a few moments in Old Town so I could look at the local arts and crafts. The adolescents didn’t seem to entirely enjoy it however there were plenty of food chances for them. In Albuquerque there are lots of cafes with relaxing little cafes that are all cool.


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My city is a biking one

I am a big time bicycle fan.

I entirely like working out by riding a bike.

I have a speaker that I mount to our handlebars, a water battle mount, phone holder and a bin to hold a sweat towel. I can ride entirely in style. I love riding through our village of Albuquerque. It is a biker friendly area. There are lots of actual bike lanes and people are aware of us bikers. I can ride and believe totally safe. I save money, our waistline and the environment by biking a lot more. It is so easy to run errands. I can just hop on our bike and head over to the post office, bank and then our cannabis dispensary. My bin makes it easy to carry small packages, deposits and whatever I manage to pick up from the legal weed shop. I usually just pick up some CBD oil, an edible and maybe some new cannabis oil to vape later on. When I decide I want to do a big biking work out, I do one of the main trails Albuquerque has to offer. Albuquerque’s Bicycle Boulevards have yellow 18 mile per speed limit signs for motorists to let them believe when the two of us are coming. There are over 400 miles of biker friendly routes to choose from and they are all beautiful. There are even some hiking roads that an off roading bike can jump on. I do that occasionally if I want a little challenge in our work out. At this point I am debating on even owning a vehicle.



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There was quite a bit to do in New Mexico

I ended up spending almost 3 afternoons in Albuquerque, New Mexico because of flight delays.

My area was in hurricane season when I decided to take a vacation.

When I decided to come back to the house I was able to get as far as New Mexico and then all the flights to our state were cancelled due to the hurricane. They wouldn’t fly even close to our state. My chances were to rent a car and drive hours to make it home, or hang out in Albuquerque, New Mexico until something cleared up. I dislike driving for long periods of time. I dislike worrying about needing to use the bathroom, getting lost and eating in a car. I figured I had the cash, the time and I had never been to Albuquerque before. So I got a room at a very nice little boutique hotel and ended up staying for almost 3 days. The hotel had a 1920s theme for each room. The hotel bar was certainly set up like it was prohibition time which was neat. Another perk was our hotel had a spa where I could get a facial, nails done and a massage. I kind of thought I would just stay in our room hanging out the whole time. After a bit of researching I found that Albuquerque had a lot to do. I didn’t entirely want to rent a bike or do a long hike though. I am kind of lazy in that regard. Instead I looked up the best locales to eat in Albuquerque and found a big list of eating establishments, cafes and even a cannabis shop because it is legal there. I ended up eating a whole bunch of delicious meals while I waited to go home.


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Turned out to be an amazing trip

I frequently travel to a new area and provide a speech to prospective purchasers.

It usually takes one to three days of meeting with people to sign a deal.

I then elect to stay in the area for the weekend if I like it enough. Typically the places I am sent to are a big letdown. There usually isn’t much to do unless I want to see a local sport like hockey or a hoops game. I recently went to Albuquerque, New Mexico though. That was a shock. I am delighted that I didn’t write the village off as boring and did some research first. I did a quick peek at the top 50 things to do in Albuquerque and found that there are a lot of choices. You can be active with bike routes and hikes. You can eat amazing food like yellow chile bread. You can also tour winnies, museums or shop at Old Town. I decided it was worth spending an extra day to see the village in person. I am so delighted I did that. Anytime someone asks me a locale that I went and appreciated, I mention Albuquerque, New Mexico. You don’t hear a lot about it but it is such a nice area. Any kind of person would have a good time. I also happened to stay at a hotel that provided rooftop dining. At night I could have our dinner and look at the village line. The weather was gorgeous and the sights were amazing. I ended up spending a lot of time there just eating, drinking and relaxing. I certainly want to take our spouse there for a trip sometime soon.

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Turned out it was New Mexico

I don’t entirely pay any attention when my girlfriend books trips for us.

She just tells me where I am going, how long I am going and what to bring.

When my girlfriend mentioned New Mexico, I stupidly thought the two of us were going to Mexico. I was picturing entirely warm weather, dry sand and real Mexican food. I also was prepared to mainly stay in the hotel because of the dangers, but rather than a long plane ride down to Mexico, it was a short trip to New Mexico. I abruptly felt stupid when I realized she was talking about one of hte U.S states. I am thankful the two of us ended up going there though. Clearly the state is severely safe and the people are friendly. The weather is warm, but not severely so. There were tons of things to do too. I found the local hiking trails entirely neat. The Volcanoes Day Use Area at Petroglyph National Monument has a 2 mile hiking loop that I entirely liked. There was also Sandia Peak Tramway and Bear Canyon Arroyo Open Space that I hiked around. My girlfriend and I loved the scenic routes. None of them were overly hard or taxing. The landscapes were just so pretty. The two of us even choose to rent bikes one day and do some of the smooth paths. Another plus of the state was the amazing food and legal weed shops. There were tons of wineries that the two of us could taste and purchase their handmade products. I entirely liked that. It seems like New Mexico had a little something for everyone. I am entirely delighted I got to go there.

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