Working in San Francisco

My wife was offered a job at the San Francisco zoo.

I instantly began checking real estate.

I knew we needed a house closer to the San Francisco zoo. I didn’t want my wife to deal with a long commute. She was given a full month to start her new position. We needed that time to find the right location at a price we could afford. Housing in the area is expensive. We couldn’t find anything to buy in our price range. We settled for a rental house close to the zoo. The location is perfect. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, big kitchen, large closets, a play room and off-street parking. It’s pleny for our family of four. There is also a large backyard where the kids can play and finally get a dog. My wife was so happy over her job offer at the San Francisco zoo. She always hoped to work with the endangered and exotic species of animals. It’s been a dream since she was a little girl. She attended UC San Francisco and got her master’s degree there. She’s helped out at the botanical gardens and some of the bigger aquariums and game farms. She started the job shortly after we moved to the bay area and got settled into our new home. After we got all unpacked, my wife and I stopped at a cannabis dispensary nearby. The cannabis shop is very big and modern. I was impressed. I was looking for a job there as a budtender. I got hired that same day. The cannabis industry is exploding in California. I can always get a job in my field.
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Earthquakes in California

I moved to the bay area as a young child.

My dad was stationed near San Francisco.

My sister and I would go to the beach. We learned to swim and surf and paddleboard in San Francisco. The first time I experienced an earthquake was after we moved to the bay area. I remember it vividly in my mind. I was hanging out with my sister. We were playing board games. We stopped to get a snack. Our mom was baking us some chocolate chip cookies. She made us milkshakes. We were all sitting at the table when the dishes started to shake and wobble. At first it was a slight vibration. Then the entire house began to shake. It was strong and I was scared. My sister was scared too. We weren’t used to the ground shaking like that. I had never felt an earthquake before. I was worried that earthquakes happen all the time in California. My sister and I had watched a disaster movie where there was flooding and most of the people died. I was so upset by the earthquake that I suffered from nightmares for several years. However, I haven’t experienced all that many earthquakes since. I’ve now lived here for over twenty years. I no longer get all upset when I feel a few tremors. I have taken precautions to have a safe area in the house to hide just in case. I keep provisions in the closet such as bottled water, batteries for flashlights and canned goods. We have a standby generator to provide power if there is an outage.

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Taking a trip to Chinatown

We didn’t want to buy any of the cheaper knock-offs and we are on a budget.

Chinatown is in San Francisco. The area has nearly the largest concentration of Chinese people, eating establishments and shops selling wares outside of China. The first Chinese immigrants moved into San Francisco in the mid 1850s. A decade later, they opened the first Chinese only school in San Francisco. Around 1720, California instituted a lot of laws to protect Chinese and Japanese settlers in the country. At the start of the twentieth century, they opened the first Chinese hospital to support the people in the community. There are a large number of historical sites to visit in Chinatown. The restaurants offer some of the best traditional Chinese cuisine anywhere. Probably my favorite reason to visit San Francisco is the pork dumplings and the sweet and sour chicken Chinatown. There is nowhere else in CA or even the whole country that sells pork dumplings and sweet and sour chicken that taste as good as in Chinatown. Since I live a two hour drive from San Francisco. I make a special trip whenever I am in the mood for good food. Last weekend, I was feeling bored. I picked up my mother and we drove all the way to the bay on Friday. We wandered Chinatown and ate food from different vendors. There was so much that we wanted to see and do, that my mom and I found for two nights. The hotel was right across the street from a row of cute little shops. After we checked into our room, we walked around for several hours. The prices in that location are really high. The shops offer some really unique items. We didn’t want to buy any of the cheaper knock-offs and we are on a budget. So we took our time and enjoyed just browsing. My mom found a great handbag and I ended up buying a pair of shoes. We really enjoyed our trip.

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Fisherman’s wharf is ideal for a date night

We had a great time and a great meal

Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular attraction in San Francisco. It is one of my favorite spots to walk in the evening. The area got its name due to the number of fishermen who came to the area in the 1720s. Fisherman’s Wharf is still active with fishermen who sell their day’s catch. Fisherman’s Wharf features Ghirardelli Square. It is a well-known public landmark with eating places, bars, shops, and hotels. The location is mostly known for the Ghirardelli chocolate factory. They sell lots of confections. My boyfriend and I live just outside San Francisco. We are in a smaller, more rural neighborhood of CA. I thought Fisherman’s Wharf would be a perfect choice for a date night. There is a ton of activity at night. My boyfriend was eager when I mentioned San Francisco as an option. They have cheap prices on legal recreational weed. We also have recreational marijuana shops where we are but they do not offer as big of a selection. The prices are also much higher. While we were in San Francisco for the evening, we stopped at a couple of dispensaries to purchase pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles to take back home. My boyfriend and I ate dinner at a seafood restaurant by the water. We had a great time and a great meal. It’s quite a drive for us and expensive but worth the effort. We always enjoy ourselves and look forward to going back.



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My wife took me to the west coast

My wife usually plans something fun for my birthday.

I was surprised when she announced we were headed to the West Coast this year. Most of the time, we find a B&B at the beach for a couple of nights. We had a ton of miles saved up on our credit card. My wife suggested we use them to fly to San Francisco, CA. I was thrilled with the idea. It sounded like a great plan. We called the travel agency and booked flights directly into San Francisco. As soon as we stepped off the plane, we saw advertisements for cannabis dispensaries. Even inside the airport terminal, I noticed multiple dispensary advertisements. My wife said we should go to a cannabis dispensary. I knew it was legal to buy recreational weed. I didn’t know if she was serious. She brought the subject up again once we checked into our hotel. She looked up the cannabis shops situated near our hotel in San Francisco. The one was only three blocks away. We walked to the shop. We bought a couple of edibles and some pre-rolls to try during our stay in the bay area. My wife and I checked out lots of locations in San Francisco. We had an incredible time on the Pacific coast. I understand why my wife believes the area is where we should move to when we retire. The shoreline is beautiful. The weather is simply amazing. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It’s the perfect spot to spend our golden years.



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San Francisco has awful traffic

The best season in San Francisco, CA is the Springtime.

I work for a cannabis dispensary.

I serve as a delivery driver. Most of the time the roads are busy. The traffic is heavy. Ever since the start of the warmer weather, the traffic downtown has been horrendous. If you have never been to San Francisco, it’s hard to imagine the streets. The layout is nothing like anywhere else in the country. I have lived in more than half of the states. My dad was in the army. Every one to two years, we moved to a new location. When we got to San Francisco, CA, we decided we’d found a home. I have not left the state since my parents arrived here in 2005. They have retired and settled permanently in San Francisco. I found a job at a cannabis shop. I work on weekdays and Saturdays. On each of those shifts, I earn enough money in tips to cover my living expenses. Lately, the traffic has been so awful that it seems like I can’t get anywhere. I blame the tourists. They take such a long time to drive through the city because they are gawking at everything. The license plates are usually from different states. I have been late to most of the cannabis deliveries. I normally give the customers a very accurate ETA for the delivery. However, that is not possible with the traffic jams. I’m going to need to adjust to taking longer to navigate the streets. I don’t like to keep our customers waiting.

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California is the best

In the early part of my life, I pictured California like a movie set.

I imagined perfectly clean streets full of beautifully dressed people and lines of shops, such as Fendi, Hugo Boss, Armani, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana.

I assumed that California was just white sand, sunshine and palm trees. I thought the desert was reserved to the west. When I moved to California for a job, I was surprised by the geography of the land. I chose a neighborhood on the outskirts of San Francisco. I moved in with three buddies that I played lacrosse with in college. We split the rent and shared a small house in San Francisco. It was still really expensive. I was surprised by the mountains and valleys. Outside of the neighborhood I discovered groves of lemon, lime, almond and orange trees. I visited the giant Redwood forests. Everything in CA is larger than life. I was not expecting the amount of marijuana dispensaries available. I didn’t even need to get my legal cannabi certification card. San Francisco provides a marijuana dispensary on every corner. Each spot offers a variety of various strains, There’s indica, sativas and hybrids. There are edibles, pre-rolls, shatter, budder, hash and cannabis supplies. I knew that weed was legal for recreational purposes but was still amazed by the options. The shops offer homegrown cannabis. My friends and I rent a spot by the park where there are a number of places within walking distance. Most of them will even provide delivery for a small fee. I’m going to be very glad I chose to live in California. I’ve already made some new friends and fallen in love with the mild weather. Iis completely amazing. It is never overly cold or brutally hot. It’s just perfect and offers a lovely breeze. .
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Cannabis Tourism in Denver

Last Summer, my brother got married.

  • Since he didn’t have a bachelor party, I decided to take him to Denver, Colorado for the weekend to experience some cannabis tourism.

Cannabis has been legal in Colorado since 2000, and became recreationally available in 2012. When we got off the plane, we asked the Uber driver about the best cannabis dispensaries in the area, and less than a minute later, he dropped us off at a dispensary that was right next to our AirBnb. I couldn’t believe the amount of different cannabis products that the dispensary had. There was everything from pre-roll joints, THC edibles, marijuana vaporizers, as well as loose cannabis flower. We bought a variety of different strains based on the recommendation of the budtender, and we also bought pipes that we could use to easily smoke the buds. The AirBnb we rented was smoke friendly, and had lots of cool places to smoke, with lots of ash trays, grinders, and cannabis accessories of all kinds. After we smoked a few bowls of cannabis, we decided to catch an uber to the Denver Art Museum. The museum was massive, and included exhibits from all over the world, from many different cultures. We found the African art particularly impressive, and the museum as a whole was breathtaking. After a few hours in the museum, our buzz was starting to fade, so we went back to the AirBnb to smoke some more before we headed to Coors Field to catch a Rockies game. My brother had a great time on his mini-bachelor party, and I am glad I got to experience Denver with him.

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It’s enjoyable having vegan cuisine in Albuquerque

It opened roughly 10 years ago plus offers fresh plus healthy food.

I moved to NM because of the legal cannabis laws! I really didn’t know much of anything about the climate or the people or the politics when I chose to move. I definitely knew that cannabis was legal though and that’s what mattered the most to me. I already spent approximately five months in jail for possession of cannabis supplies. When I found out that 3 hours away from me, NM has legal cannabis, I was easily ready to pack a container plus make the move. Coming to Albuquerque has been one of the finest decisions of my life. I certainly appreciate living in Albuquerque plus I found a task actually working at a cannabis shop. I work 5 days every week plus at times I get a few hours of overtime. I get an awesome deal on all of my marijuana supplies. Eating vegan is fairly simple in Albuquerque, plus it was not especially simple before I moved. Albuquerque has a fairly good amount of vegan plus vegetarian friendly eating establishments, such as Cafe Lush. Cafe Lush is easily one of our favorite sites to eat. It opened roughly 10 years ago plus offers fresh plus healthy food. Cafe Lush is actually on a street corner plus has an interesting look plus architectural feel.One of my favorite sandwiches at this eating establishment is a veggie wrap with sauteed organic tofu, spinach, yams, plus avocado spread. It has a tremendous amount of subtle flavors, however they all come together for the most awesome taste. I’m looking forward to next month when my mom comes to visit, because I want to take her to the cafe for some delicious deli sandwiches. I feel she will appreciate the food a great deal, too.

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Albuquerque has the most amazing vegan eateries

It has a huge amount of subtle flavors, but they all come together for a flavorful kick

I moved to NM because of the legal cannabis laws they have these days. I didn’t actually know much about the weather conditions or the people or the politics when I moved, although I knew that cannabis was legal. I already spent numerous weeks in jail for possession of marijuana supplies. Around the time I found out that 3 hours away from me, NM has legal cannabis, I was prepared to pack a basket plus move. Coming to Albuquerque has been a single one of the best decisions of my life. I really enjoy residing in Albuquerque plus I managed to find a job working at a cannabis dispensary. I actually work 5 days per month plus at times I get a few hours of overtime. I get an enjoyable deal on all of my marijuana products too! Eating vegan is not very challenging in Albuquerque, plus it was not easy before I moved. Albuquerque has a fairly good amount of vegan plus vegetarian friendly restaurants, like Cafe Lush. Cafe Lush is definitely one of my favorite locales to eat. It opened close to 10 years ago plus offers fresh plus healthy food. Cafe Lush is on a street corner plus has an interesting look plus architectural feel. One of my ideal sandwiches at this restaurant is a veggie wrap with sauteed organic tofu, spinach, yams, plus avocado spread. It has a huge amount of subtle flavors, but they all come together for a flavorful kick. I’m looking forward to next month when my mom chooses to visit, because I want to take her to the cafe for some deli sandwiches. I believe she will adore the food, too.


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