Author: Phillip

Honeymooning in Albuquerque?

My fiance and I are looking for a honeymoon destination. With COVID still being a problem it makes things tough. At first we wanted to go to Norway and spend two weeks hiking, kayaking and seeing the fjords. With that part of the world shut down we looked around at Europe. The travel restrictions are […]

Honeymoon turned out okay

I got hitched right in the height of coronavirus and had to book a trip. I wanted to go overseas to a European spot. Those locales did not allow travelers from the United States. If the country did, all the testing and paper requirements were certainly spine-chilling. The last thing I wanted to do was […]

Lots of theaters to choose from

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and everyone don’t know much about our area. They think warm weather and Mexican food most likely. While that is okay, there is so much more our state and village have to offer; Have you ever looked at the biking and hiking routes Albuquerque has to show? It is […]

You can take the kids to Albuquerque

Every year I try to take the kids on a trip. I suppose it is a great method to show the adolescents other locations than where the two of us live. I also want them to get to know other parts of the country. It is scary to me when someone can’t name all 50 […]

My city is a biking one

I am a big time bicycle fan. I entirely like working out by riding a bike. I have a speaker that I mount to our handlebars, a water battle mount, phone holder and a bin to hold a sweat towel. I can ride entirely in style. I love riding through our village of Albuquerque. It […]

There was quite a bit to do in New Mexico

I ended up spending almost 3 afternoons in Albuquerque, New Mexico because of flight delays. My area was in hurricane season when I decided to take a vacation. When I decided to come back to the house I was able to get as far as New Mexico and then all the flights to our state […]

Turned out to be an amazing trip

I frequently travel to a new area and provide a speech to prospective purchasers. It usually takes one to three days of meeting with people to sign a deal. I then elect to stay in the area for the weekend if I like it enough. Typically the places I am sent to are a big […]

Turned out it was New Mexico

I don’t entirely pay any attention when my girlfriend books trips for us. She just tells me where I am going, how long I am going and what to bring. When my girlfriend mentioned New Mexico, I stupidly thought the two of us were going to Mexico. I was picturing entirely warm weather, dry sand […]