An Heating and A/C manufacturer donated ductless mini-cut systems to a charity

And best of all, these ductless mini-cut units are straight-forward to install.

My child Jason is romantic about doing charity work; He has been on missions in other countries to help to build sustainable farms for small, impoverished communities. He travels a lot to odd regions of the world and is gone for most of the year, and while he’s home, he continues his efforts by volunteering for charities in our area, but last year, he volunteered for the Habitat for Humanity in Evansville. He was so happy to help to assemble these homes for lower income citys, there were about 20 homes that he helped to build with other volunteers. And the program was funded by the local public works committee. There hasn’t been this kind of investment made in Evansville in a long time. The best part about this project is that a major Heating and A/C manufacturer and a local Heating and A/C contractor donated brand current ductless mini-cut systems that provide cooling when it’s tepid and heating when it’s frigid outside. These systems are good for these homes because they don’t require air ducts to be installed, then in addition, the ductless mini-cut systems can have multiple air handlers that can be installed in multiple rooms inside a beach house to improve comfort, and not to mention that these systems are highly efficient, and they are amongst the highest rated units on the market. And best of all, these ductless mini-cut units are straight-forward to install. This means Jason was able to help to get these units set up in these current homes. I am so proud of Jason for all that he has been doing. And I hope that he continues to help the citys in Evansville and other communities around the world.


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