A lot of people sneak vape cartridges into University of Michigan football games

I started going to college football games in my home state when I was old enough to be in my own seat and not on my parent’s lap.

Compared to ticket prices at Michigan Stadium in 2022, these old games were a steal.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon if we didn’t have plans with friends or other family members. Even if our favorite team didn’t win, we always had a blast between the food and the excitement. When we moved to Michigan, my parents had the option to pick Ann Arbor or Lansing as a permanent residence. My father’s employer had offices in both cities and an opening at both as well. Because of the sheer beauty of the city and its many trees, my father and mother picked Ann Arbor. Right away we started going to games at Michigan Stadium, also known as the “Big House.” This is where the University of Michigan Wolverines play their games. Compared to the college football games we attended in our previous state, UofM games are much more expensive. The stadium is packed, holding over 100,000 seats. That makes Michigan Stadium the largest stadium in North America and the Western Hemisphere, while also being the third largest stadium in the entire world! Nowadays recreational cannabis is legal in Michigan and Ann Arbor so people like myself are sneaking cannabis vaporizer cartridges into the University of Michigan football games. As long as you’re discreet with your cannabis vape pen, it’s easy to enjoy your weed while watching the game without getting caught.


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